Many of us women wish to have that V-shaped or V-line look on our face. This trend is very popular among Asians. It is considered to be a gold standard for beauty. The good news is you can achieve this through botox and fillers if you are fine with injecting. Surgery is also an option, but there are risks associated with it.

Some of the non-invasive treatments are mentioned below:

  • V-line Lifting Laser: In this, a two-wavelength laser beam is applied to the sagging facial skin that will melt the fat thus making your face look thin and V-shaped.
  • V-line hifu 效果(high-Intensity Focused Ultrasound): Here the body’s regenerative response is used to gently and gradually lift the skin. HIFU energy will penetrate deep inside the skin without causing any harm to the outer layer of your skin. It in turn stimulates the body’s natural renewal of existing collagen and produces new collagen too.
  • At Retens, they make use of Rose V-line which is 無針埋線: This is a painless non-invasive treatment that can make you see an instant lifting effect.
  • V-line Injection: Here the solution is injected into the face, which stimulates the lymph circulation that breaks down the fat under your skin, thus making it look thin.
  • Ultra V-line Thread lift: Here the thread once inserted into your skin will start creating a tightening effect that will ultimately increase the production of collagen.

Apart from all these methods, we are going to talk about some natural methods to get a v-shaped look on your face:

  • Face Yoga: Certain face exercises can train the muscles of your face by flexing and stretching it which ultimately removes wrinkles, sagging skin and baggy eyes. This is a natural way for face lifting.
  • Face lifting creams: There are many face lifting creams available in the market that can work best for your skin. They can reduce water retention, and swelling and provide firmness to your skin. They cannot provide you with the exact result you wanted, but they can eliminate the puffy, bloated cheeks and double chins.
  • Facial slimming massage: You get many massage creams and do it on your own or get this done at massage places that offer this. There are special tools used here that can sculpt your face to remove the water retention and drain the lymph nodes around the face. It will also firm up your skin and make it look wrinkle-free
  • Change your diet: As you know for a thinner face, you need to remove the water retention. For this, you need to lower the salt intake because it will lead to a bloated face and double chin. You need to cut down the junk foods as they have a lot of salt and preservatives in them.

If you do not get the desired results and you are not satisfied, then you will have to opt for non-invasive methods as mentioned above. For example, the 無針埋線效果 is very popular amongst people nowadays. These methods cause very less side-effects and lesser downtime.