Onychomycosis commonly known as nail fungus is curable however when a person is diabetic, they need extra care. It is a medically stated fact that diabetic people are often troubled with nail fungus health problems. Their feet don’t receive blood circulation required to keep them healthy thus often gets affected by infectious diseases. Sometimes, the issues become severe because of many reasons. The expert podiatrist laser toenail surgery seems the best effective way to treat for immediate relief from its symptoms.

There are many skilled podiatrists in Irvine like Dr. SimaSoltani who successfully conducted nail laser treatment to treat their diabetic patients. Her twenty years of experience simply credit her as one of the best podiatrists in Orange County, California. Her clinic is well known for providing effective treatment for foot trauma.

It is best to take care of your feet to avoid any complicated kind of treatments like laser toefungus removal by podiatrists. Sometimes unconcerned about foot care may lead to lower-leg amputation risks. According, to skilled podiatrists preventive methods are the most suitable way to avoid severe symptoms of nail fungus.

Here are the steps to follow for avoiding nail fungus:

  • It is always safe to avoid chemical-based lotions being applied on feet to prevent dryness.
  • It is essential to keep feet dry however apply moisturizing lotions composed using natural elements. You can even apply anti-fungal talc that is easily available in pharmaceutical shops or can buy from the online market.
  • The most important thing to do is avoid walking without wearing comfortablefootwear. You shouldn’t share socks and footwear with any other person.
  • Examine your feet often to observe some telltale signs of toe health problems like skin break, pale appearance of the skin, blisters, rashes, the reddish coloring of toes.
  • The daily footwear should be kept in a dry place away from heat. It is best to wear perfectly fitting footwear and try to wear seamless socks for avoiding fungus formation.
  • Visiting skilled podiatrists every few months is necessary for a diabetic person. It helps to curb the nail fungus at the initial stage.
  • Soaking your feet in a tub filled with warm water containing vinegar, bleach powder of mild concentration helps to keep the foot clean from any germs.
  • You can apply tea tree oil, onion oil, lemon juice or oregano oil to prevent dryness of the foot.
  • Don’t let your toenails enlarge as it provides space for fungus growth. Regular trimming of them will keep your toes looking hygienic as well. It is suitable not to use borrowed nail clippers or share yours with anyone.
  • In public showers and swimming pools wear swim shoes.

Anything that looks abnormal around your nails or toes should be examined by a podiatrist. They will test and diagnose to provide the right medical treatment. They can easily do laserfungus removal for fast, effective and safe treatment. Hence, even if you are diabetic, there isn’t any need to worry as visiting a well-recognized podiatrist will clear the nail fungus health problems with ease.