When everyone uses a smartphone for everything, chat groups and online messaging apps are rapidly becoming the most popular professional and personal communication tools. Over the years, financial traders have relied heavily on instant chat. It enables them to engage with their customers and reap several benefits as a result.

Financial regulators have encountered numerous difficulties in preserving market integrity and stability due to the widespread usage of these internet messaging systems. Many merchants have been found using them illegally. As a result, financial authorities compel financial institutions to conduct a comprehensive examination of all electronic communication channels to prevent financial fraud.

Many banks, in particular, have been fined millions of dollars for violating mobile compliance requirements, despite the benefits of online messaging systems. The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission fined JPMorgan Chase & Co. roughly $200 million US dollars for failing to comply with record-keeping rules for WhatsApp chats.

Banks continue to get embroiled in big scandals despite heavy reputational and financial consequences. The Cartel Forex (foreign currency) Scandal is one of the most egregious examples. It demonstrates how new electronic communication channels can result in the collapse of financial markets. Additionally, they assist in maintaining operations during significant emergencies such as the coronavirus epidemic.

Traders extensively used the secrecy capabilities of chat groups during this affair. The report showed that traders’ chat rooms for instant messaging only lasted a few hours. It enabled them to end the price-rigging conversations in these chat rooms. Additionally, they used instant chat rooms, WhatsApp messages, emails, and telephones. It demonstrates that traders can profit from any digital communication medium.

A call monitoring program is a critical regulatory component in the banking business. Regulators can identify numerous companies violating the law with their voice call recording techniques. Additionally, TeleMessage archiver provides instant message capture, including SMS, MMS, and voice calls, as well as other archiving services that assist them in meeting regulatory obligations.

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