Strip clubs and strippers in general make the news for all the wrong reasons. Usually, it has to do with some politician being caught somewhere doing things he isn’t supposed to do. Married men, family men and men in high profile and public positions aren’t supposed to even the same needs regular men have so they hide. Even if they aren’t doing anything wrong other than hanging out with friends whilst some nice naked women entertain them

In a lot of cities strip clubs are banished to the outskirts of town. They are viewed as seedy places that have no place in cities. Not in Melbourne. This Australian city has a vibrant adult entertainment scene. There are a lot of decent looking strip clubs Melbourne. You might be surprised at how many of the strippers in Melbourne don’t live up to the stereotypical “down on their luck”, drug abusing women who will do anything for money. A lot of the times, strippers choose to do what they do. You will find all kinds of women with different back stories that don’t fit the stereotypes. There are students paying off their tuition, there are young women, taking a gap year and working to pay their way through. There are mothers and even married women who have found the freedom of working in a strip club what they need to get the time to raise their kids and make decent money. Some women have quit their 9 to 5 because they found working in a strip club pays more than being a warehouse packer. If you chose to look behind the image of naked women in fishnet stocking and 8-inch heels you might be surprised at what you would find: 

  • You probably know a stripper but you dint know that’s what they did because it’s not something they advertise at PTA meetings. Women from all types of backgrounds strip, there’s at least one professor who stripped at some point in their lives. 
  • Being a stripper is both degrading and empowering. Women face discrimination and workplace harassment every day. It is not something that is unique to strippers. Strippers aren’t at the mercy of the men they perform for. They set boundaries; they are in control of what happens. They have the power. It can be a liberating experience but it’s still a job and like any other job they are depressive. You get good customers and bad customers. Strippers probably are the most thick skinned (no pun intended) people in the world.  There are times when it is exhilarating and fulfilling. 
  • Strippers are not prostitutes. Strippers work in the sex industry, but they don’t sell sex. They are dancers who happen to perform naked and suggestively. The stripper who’s giving you a lap dance isn’t trying to entice you to some sexual tryst. Lap dances are up close and personal which is why they cost so much money. Stripping is very low on the hierarchy of adult entertainment business. 
  • Strippers in strip clubs Melbourne are independent contractors. They actually pay the clubs that they work in. They pay for the privilege of working in a certain club because the club offers them legitimacy and a certain prestige. Each time a dancer comes to work she has to pay a house fee and has to tip the DJ and other support staff. 

Strip clubs Melbourne sell a fantasy and not sex. It is true that men fantasize about sex but not all men who go to a strip club go there for the sexual fantasy but they can find emotional and physical intimacy too. Some men go to their favourite club because they want to see someone other than their wife or girlfriend. Some just want to feel seen or they just want someone to listen to them talk about their day or their marital problems. Strippers can play different roles but more often than not, they are therapists who offer their service with less or no clothing on.