AC Leaking Water? 5 Reasons Why And Their Solutions – The Urban Guide

Have you bought an air conditioner? A technician went there and installed it, and everything was great. However, now, after a few months or years, the device started to give problems. Are you smelling bad odors into the environment, the indoor unit is leaking, the electricity consumption has increased a lot, or the device is not freezing normally? Please note that these issues indicate that your device needs to be repaired.

It is not indicated to wait for problems to appear before cleaning the filters or to call a technical professional for preventive repair your unit. Most manufacturers indicate that the filters should be cleaned at least once a month and that preventive maintenance should be done once a year.

Five indications that the air conditioner needs maintenance

1- Excessive energy consumption

Suppose your electric bill has drastically increased from one hour to the next without any explanation. The “culprit” may be the air conditioning. You may have difficulty with the compressor that is causing it to consume more energy.

2- It is not freezing the environment

If the appliance is on and does not freeze the environment, it may be possible that the internal system not working properly or gas leaks. So you work harder, wear out, and don’t meet your needs.

3- It is releasing a bad smell in the environment

Fungi and bacteria can lodge in filters and pipes if the appliance is not disinfected as often as recommended by the manufacturer. And dirt can harm not only the device but also people’s health.

4- Allergy or shortness of breath

If you or someone in your house or work has had allergies, constant sneezing, red eyes, and shortness of breath, your air conditioner may not be in good condition. Air quality is essential and prevents allergic reactions.

5- The indoor unit leaks or has running water

If the air conditioner is releasing water from the indoor unit, it may require maintenance. Very dirty filters or irregularities in the unit can cause this problem.

Conclusion: it should be noted that some places require more frequent cleaning of the air conditioner. Where there is a lot of pollution, a dusty environment, pets, or a constantly fried kitchen, the appliance must be cleaned once every 15 days.