For most men, jewelry can be difficult to understand, which is understandable. The term men’s jewelry has a reputation for limited supply and flashy models for decades. Unless you wanted to wear something like a massive gold chain, or other rather aggressive things, the only options left were the watch or the wedding ring. And that’s all. Choosing Alexander Sparks is the right deal there.

Men’s Jewelry: A Now Varied Offer

But that was until brands like Henkö Paris, Leju London, By Olivier Lafond, Côté Mecs and many others started offering a real choice in terms of men’s jewelry. Across the Atlantic, a brand like Miansai has also made a contribution to the building, to give men the jewelry they unwittingly wanted, for lack of supply.

This designer can be seen as a cool guy from the booming Wynwood scene, but his style is far from the fantasies that can be seen at Art Basel. He favors classic, timeless pieces that do not jump on the first trend. Like her dress style, it’s classy, ​​but without forcing. It is therefore the ideal person to navigate this playground that is the modern man’s jewel.

How to Buy Your First Men’s Jewelry

The method to follow is the same as when you buy a shirt. You have to choose based on what attracts you, what speaks to you. There is no need to worry.

Choose versatile jewelry that adds an attractive touch to your everyday look. A not too conspicuous bracelet or necklace that you can wear both at work and in the evening, which will become an accessory that defines you and improves your personal style.

This is one of the strengths of jewelry. You can wear the same thing for years, have a lot of experiences and accumulate memories that can be associated with them. You will have been through so much together that it can become an essential part of you.


Man Bracelet

The trend was for men’s bracelets made of metal or leather which were quite large, but today they are thinning out, in particular to allow the wearing in accumulation, but also to display a more minimalist look, combine a simple bangle with a bracelet with a different texture, be it in leather, rope, etc. always try to avoid overload.

Regarding the wearing of men’s bracelets in accumulation, the problem must be understood as an equation to be balanced. A beautiful bracelet is enough to enhance its look. If you want something a little more daring, make sure the jumpsuit isn’t too heavy. If you already wear a watch or wedding ring on one hand, wear the bracelet on the other wrist.

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Man Necklace

Choose a men’s necklace with a minimalist style that you can combine with and that you can wear just as well under or over your T-shirt or shirt. A modern chain that falls to mid-chest gives character to the simplest of white T-shirts worn with jeans. Polished metal is also more complicated to showcase according to him, he recommends something a little rawer. For the accumulation of men’s necklaces, he recommends associating a simple chain with or without a pendant of about 60 cm with a chain with a shorter pendant to brighten up the everyday T-shirt.

Men’s Ring

The signet ring imposes enough as well. At the limit 2 rings on the same hand, but it is a maximum. Wearing massive rings is not recommended for people who perform manual occupations, even when using a computer keyboard. In general, he prefers lighter models that you forget you are wearing, except when someone compliments us. He recommends a maximum width of 4 mm.

Choose a Metal

Choosing the type of metal you prefer is the first step in creating a complete jewelry modern collection. If you want to look good with your outfit, you’ll want to stick with just one metal. For example, mixing gold and silver jewelry can create an inconsistent look.

If you embark on the jewelry adventure with a single metal in mind, it will be easier to develop a collection made up mostly of the same precious metals. The top three metal options for men’s jewelry are gold and gold tone jewelry like white gold, yellow gold and solid gold, sterling silver, or platinum.

Gold jewelry for men is sure to give a sophisticated impression if worn correctly. Small touches of gold jewelry can perfectly create a look. However, excess gold jewelry can also seem tacky and overdone, so be sure to go for a more minimalist jewelry look if you choose gold as your go-to metal.

If you are considering going for sterling silver, this is a more affordable, yet equally chic option that is extremely popular with men who are starting their jewelry collection. You have more freedom with silver jewelry, because it is less imposing than gold.

The last precious metal that men tend to gravitate towards is platinum. Platinum is one of the more expensive options, which is why you will often see wedding rings made from this metal. Overall, platinum is only for luxury jewelry and you are unlikely to make a whole collection of it. However, if you like the look and want to treat yourself to a coin, you should definitely do so.

Focus On Simplicity

When starting a jewelry collection, the key is to keep it simple. Start with a watch, a popular accessory, then slowly move on to rings, necklaces, etc.

Adapt Jewelry to the Occasion

The type of jewelry you wear should match the occasion and the dress code you should adhere to. For example, if you are attending a costume party, you can afford to wear some costume jewelry. On the other hand, if you are going to a more sophisticated event, you might want to keep jewelry to a minimum and only wear a watch and a ring or two. Your workplace may also have restrictions on the types of jewelry you can wear, so be sure to be aware of this before you start creating your collection.


No matter what piece of jewelry you buy or how you are going to wear it, it is important that you have really fallen for it, that you can wear it on a daily basis with confidence. A jewel synthesizes the adventures, the journeys and the great moments of your life to endow itself with this sentimental value which makes it invaluable.