You believe that you have a strong mailing list, an excellent offer, and an effective call to action. Having legitimate email addresses on your list is the single most important component of a successful email marketing campaign. Make sure you have legitimate email addresses if you have already begun developing your mailing list.

Since too many people have been the targets of email spam, they have learned how to safeguard themselves from receiving bothersome emails that aren’t relevant to their lives. In case you were unaware, there are free throwaway email addresses available online. These are email addresses where your prospects can only receive emails; they cannot use them to send emails.

Additionally, they don’t even require registration from your prospects! Every several hours, the emails that are sent to these fictitious email addresses are automatically removed.

Why Do Your Potential Customers Use These Fictitious Email Addresses?

They are merely trying to prevent receiving a barrage of emails from you in the future. You do not want your prospects to subscribe to your permission-based email lists using a fake email address as an ethical internet marketer!

Maintaining a clean email mailing list is crucial because sending emails to bogus email addresses causes them to bounce and return, wasting bandwidth and time. Fake email addresses can also cause issues in your database.

So, make sure your database is clean and clear of phoney or invalid email addresses to maintain the value of your mailing list.

So how do you maintain a current and organized mailing list? Here are a few recommendations for you:

  • Before sending your emails, check to see if you have invalid or undeliverable email addresses.
  • To remove the bad email addresses from your list, try employing cheap email validation software.
  • Remove the names of list subscribers who have opted out.
  • Look for people who unsubscribed from your prior emails and remove them from your database before sending out emails.
  • Ensure that your list is up to date and constantly provide subscribers with the choice to update their email addresses.


Some of you may be thinking about purchasing email lists right now.

Avoid purchasing or renting lists unless they are coming from a reliable list provider. Since you don’t know the majority of the individuals on their lists and, likely, they won’t want to hear from you via email, the majority of email addresses on their lists were probably obtained by website email extractors. To ensure that you have a valid email address and that the prospect wants to receive mail from you, try using the double opt-in subscription approach.

You should continually and routinely monitor your company email lists for incorrect addresses when marketing with email list creation.

Make sure to clean your list if you want to have a precise, clean opt-in email list.

Email is a powerful and reasonably priced marketing tool to draw in repeat customers, but be sure your lists are clean and your email list campaign is profitable.

Therefore, cheap email validation is one of the options people can choose to go     with.