Instagram is an immensely popular photo and video-sharing social media platform. Its photo or video posts, temporary stories, short-form videos, IGTV videos, and live videos offer boundless potential for brands to communicate with their audience. The platform has over one billion active users, and a constant revamp of features and services to keep them engaged.

Diverse and highly engaging audiences give brands a chance to gain new followers with their presence on Instagram. Brands can increase their income from the platform by reaching new audiences and micro-targeting consumers. Moreover, brands can transform Instagram into a direct income source by using the shop tab.

A whopping 72% of Instagram users reported buying products through the social media platform at least once, making a dedicated Instagram strategy necessity for brands. Most brands leverage their social reach for effective communication more than a direct sale. They use its diverse features to transform their brand into a relatable company with shared values and goals. Thus, Instagram becomes a window for the world to uncover the behind-the-scenes of your brand and the people who work there.

However, it is imperative to verify your Instagram account to maintain its authenticity among your followers. You can consult online reputation management (ORM) agency to help your brand buy Instagram verification. An ORM agency can also help your brand buy permanent Instagram followers to increase their visibility and reach.

As per the latest reports, Instagram plans to revamp its interface with two new features, including a “like” button for videos and “moderators” for live videos. These features will further improve brand engagement on the platform. Let’s delve deeper into their usage and advantages for brands.

As of now, Instagram users can share their live video feed with followers by simply switching to “Instagram Live” mode. However, users have to moderate themselves to avoid content violations and trolls, and gain actionable insights from the content. Keeping tabs on content guidelines and creating high-engagement videos at the same time is a challenging task. Therefore, Instagram is introducing a new feature that will allow users to add moderators to live videos.

This feature will allow users to assign one of their audiences to regulate the chat, live requests, and questions while conducting an Instagram Live session by delegating moderation duties to a trustworthy follower and preventing online harassment from trolls. The new feature will maintain the authenticity of an account, build rapport with other users, promote good behavior, and enhance customer relations. A good digital PR agency will provide a top Instagram growth service that can help your brand moderate its live videos, and buy Instagram followers and likes.

A ‘like’ button for stories is another upcoming feature that Instagram plans to add to its features and services. As of now, users can only check the people who have ‘seen’ a disappearing story to monitor engagement. However, the social media platform is another metric to measure engagement by adding a ‘like’ button for Instagram stories. This feature will improve brand engagement and add another layer of visibility among followers. It will bring the social media platform in pace with other content sharing platforms, like the ‘thumbs-up’ icon on Facebook or the ‘favoriting’ button on Twitter, which will allow followers to trace back disappearing stories.

Constantly improving their engagement metrics with new features has catapulted Instagram to the status of the top social media platform for businesses. Adding the features as mentioned above will provide brands with an additional incentive to maintain their presence on Instagram. Effectively engaging customers with these forthcoming features help them to build trust among audiences, enhance customer relations, gain actionable insights, and improve visibility. It allows users to regulate their content to prevent trolls from posting disparaging content, breaching user privacy, and strictly following content and law guidelines. If you want your business to gain a competitive edge over other brands, hire an ORM agency to help you leverage these features.