International shipping of goods is a complicated matter. You need to take care of several trade agreements and documentation. Moreover, international trade rules are tightening more and more with time which makes the process harder. 

Therefore, choosing the right customs broker goes a long way. A team of logistics experts handles customs, documentation, and shipping while you focus on your business. Clearit USA customs brokerage offers the most convenient service in both commercial and personal imports. 

Tips for choosing the right customs broker

  • Experience. 

Experience is essential eligibility while hiring anyone. Customs brokers are no different. Find a company with good years of experience and a skilled team of workers. Reputable companies often have various awards and are a part of respectable organizations. 

Additionally, find a broker who is experienced with providing services related to your specific needs. Not all goods are easy to handle and import, and hiring someone with experience will facilitate the process. 

  • Research and ask around. 

Ask for recommendations from people in your family, your friends, and work colleagues. Note down the names of the most recommended ones and research them. This research may include checking the company’s background, record, reputation, number of awards, experience, ratings, online reviews, etc. 

  • Ask for references. 

Please do not choose a broker by only believing their words. It would help if you verified their legitimacy by talking to their other clients. Ask them for a list of at least ten clients and talk to them about their experience with the broker. 

  • Ask for their license. 

Please do not select a broker who is doing their work illegally. This is an essential criterion; however, it is sometimes overlooked by some. 

  • Compare different brokers. 

Do not choose the first broker you like. Meet with at least 4-5 of them and compare their prices, experience, and specialization. Settling for the first broker who you find compatible may lead you to disappointments later. 

  • Written working agreement. 

It is highly recommended to ask your broker to prepare a written agreement to stay on the same page. There should be no confusion or misconceptions about the fee structure, the scope of work you want the broker to perform, and other procedures. 

This document should be available to you and your broker both, and you should have the freedom to make adjustments if you want to change something in your situation. 

  • Ask a lot of questions. 

A genuine broker who is eager to work with you will willingly answer all your questions. So before you select a customs broker, ask each of them every customs-related question and listen to their answers carefully. Also, if a broker tries to make unrealistic promises, it is probably a warning sign.