Granite is a durable natural stone that’s often preferred for new homes and renovation projects. Whether you are looking for an alternative to ceramic tiles for the bathroom or need solid and strong counters for the kitchen, this could be an ideal option. If you are located in Quebec, consider checking Casa Granite countertops for various designs and styles.

Incredible reasons to choose granite

Granite countertops are known for being the most durable of all other materials. If you compare granite to marble, the latter is porous and, therefore, prone to staining. Granite countertops are also resistant to heat and scratches, which makes room for more experimentation in the kitchen. Also, granite adds value to your home, and if you ever decide to sell the property, you are more likely to find potential buyers and better resale value. Countertops made of granite are also unique, and therefore, no two designs are the same.

On the flip side

Countertops made of granite are expensive, especially when you compare the cost with tiles or cheap quartz. The price could be a bummer when it comes to tighter budgets. You will also need to spend on maintenance, especially if you are worried about ensuring the beauty of the stone, although the costs are much lesser when compared to marble. Installing granite countertops requires expertise. In other words, you cannot consider this as a DIY project. If your counters are significantly damaged, you will need replacement, as repairs are not always possible.

Maintaining granite countertops

With granite, you don’t usually have to think of a replacement for at least three or more decades, although how you maintain the countertops is a significant factor. Durability is assured in the long run.


The cost of granite countertops depends on several aspects, including the design. Granite is a natural stone that weighs heavy, and therefore, it is not always easy to transport the material. Getting granite for installation often adds to the costs. Installation also requires more investment than cheaper alternatives, such as ceramic tiles.

Bottom line

There is no other natural stone that matches granite in terms of beauty and durability. Think of granite countertops as a great way to enhance the beauty of your home without compromising on quality. You can always choose to use the material for other parts of the kitchen to create a uniform look. Take a look at trending designs now to get a better idea.