Have you wondered on that field trip from school/college to an industry or factory how the design of those buildings was accomplished? It should have excited you to imagine the structure and architecture of your high-tech laboratory or food processing units. These are architectural designs that are not like any ordinary building in your neighborhood. It is obvious that the design of such types of buildings requires expertise and experience.

There are very few companies like architecte Stendel Reich, that have the aptitude and insight to successfully pull off the design and architecture of complex hi-tech commercial spaces. It is a job that calls for meticulous design planning and impeccable dimension analysis of instruments to be placed inside the structure. Some of the factors that affect the design of such buildings are discussed in this article.

There are many factors to be considered while designing a hi-tech laboratory or a food processing unit. It is needless to say, the complexity in the architecture of a pharma factory or a shopping complex. Some of the main factors to be considered in the design of such buildings are:

  • Safety
  • Environmental compliance
  • Ease of movement
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Waste disposal units
  • Budget and time constraints.
  • Climatic conditions of the location.

The list of factors can be even longer if we start looking into the external factors that affect the building in time.

Safety is a crucial factor for any building. So, when the building in question has many people working in it, with potentially dangerous material, it is needless to say the role safety plays in the design of the building. There are many government guidelines and regulations that have to be followed in the design prospects of factories and other related buildings. Failure to conform to any of the government guidelines can result in the rejection of the design. This is why it is advised to make a fail-proof plan in association with an experienced architecture firm.

Similarly, ventilation and air-conditioning play a major role in influencing the design of the building. Most of the factories and laboratories will be hermetic buildings, meaning closed from inside with no natural air movement in and out of the building. So, carrying fresh air into the building ventilation systems is essential. To control and regulate the temperature and air quality, air conditioning is a must-have.

All the other factors have similar and equal importance in the design of a hi-tech building that is economically viable and environmentally sustainable. To conclude, it is best to take sides with a reputed design firm right from the beginning to successfully design your factory or laboratory.