Gone are the times when the bed was just a piece of furniture to relax with limited style and types. The times when we only needed a large space to fit the bed has changed with the availability of different sizes and shapes to fit everyone’s needs and surroundings. However, still numerous are unaware of the variety of bed options available. Thus, we have rounded up the list of a few of the trending bed types you can consider as per the available space. These options not just give convenience but functionality too with the right décor furniture piece.

Twin Bed For The Smallest Space:

Like how the king single bed is the perfect type for a standard or sizable bedroom, the twin bed is the ideal one for single sleepers like a kid, or an adult. It is one of the smallest single beds in the market and is the right choice when you just want a space-saving furniture piece.

Day Bed For Versatile Use:

If you are looking for a smart, space-saving bed for a guest room, modern office, patio or home office space, day beds are the perfect version to provide comfort, just like futons. While you can use it as a bed for relaxing, it can be used as a bench or a sofa too. This multi-tasker bed is a great fit and ideal for every house. So, if you are not extremely keen on choosing a traditional bed for one of your rooms, try the day bed.

Convertible Bed For Limited Spaced House:

With the rise in nuclear families and limited-spaced houses, multi-functional furniture is quite a successful choice. Convertible beds can be transformed from a bed to a sofa, and vice versa. The size is decent like a queen size cot bed, satisfactory enough for a couple or kids. They can work well appealingly in any room but works best for the kids or guest room, or living room where you have the requirement of a sofa and bed both.

Four-Poster Beds For Huge Rooms:

If you are blessed with large rooms in a substantial house, nothing like choosing elegant and royal-looking four-poster beds. The distinct posts that rise from all four corners of the bed are its charm and are an eye-catchy addition to any large bedroom. Since it becomes the center of attraction for the whole space, you can proceed with minimal upholstery and other side furniture since the four-poster bed will do the talking.

Folding Beds for Studio Type Apartments/ Single Rooms:

Even if you have a single-room studio apartment, there is no worry. The folding bed is one of the most convenient types of bed for such homes. These beds are made of wooden headboards comfortable enough for sleeping and occupy less space. During the day when your living room has a tv unit for the entertainment of guests and ourselves, at night the same part of the tv unit can be opened and become the bed. When not in use, you can fold it back and put it in a closet. That’s the level of convenience such beds provide in single-room space.

While there are numerous beds available in the market for every type of house, the next time you plan to buy or construct a bed, refer to this guide to help you make the right decision of choosing the correct bed type as per space.