There are times when you are tight on budget but want to surprise your friend or colleague or your family with a cake. Choosing a birthday cake that can be both delicious and well as budget-friendly becomes a tedious task. Wasting time and energy on searching coupons, discounts etc. and still finding not good enough cakes in budget causes extreme sadness. Hence, you can read this article on delicious and budget -friendly cake ideas to save yourself from all the pain.

Make Donut Cakes for Birthday Cake Decoration

If you’re on a tight budget, there are many delicious and budget-friendly cake ideas to choose from. You can make donuts at home and stack them on a wooden stacker or create a doughnut wall for the birthday celebration.

You can also spread cream on crepes and make a rainbow crepe cake to celebrate the birthday girl’s favourite colour.

Hence, if you want to give a personalised touch to a birthday event, order a Happy Birthday Cake and make donuts on your own. You can choose the donuts to decorate even a simplest cake.

Use Cupcakes to take care of the large audience

Cupcakes are simple but almost everyone loves them. Furthermore, cupcakes have plenty of delicious flavours available.

The best thing about cupcakes is that they come in uniform sizes. While you can always get more than one per person, a cake allows each guest to customise their slice.

And unlike cupcakes, which are small and uniform, cakes can be customised with fillings of your choice.

So, along with Order Fresh Birthday Cake, You can also use different flavours of buttercream and cupcakes, or even top it with sliced fruit. It is the perfect choice if you have multiple people coming up on birthday but have a tight budget to celebrate.

Multi-tiered Cake

If you want a cake that has more than one layer, you can go for a multi-tiered budget cake. A chocolate brownie or an apple pie are a great choice if you want to make several small cakes to serve to a large crowd.

However, you can also make your own multi-tiered cake from scratch to save on costs. For this, you can either buy a mould or buy a kit for making it.

You can even customise the top layer of a simple cake. You can find plenty of simple yet options here at Online cake store India.

There are several sets of moulds and decorations available online. Alternatively, you can make a piano- or fisherman-themed cake, and use the same method as for the fern-and-frosted cakes.

Polka-Dot Cake and Chota Bheem Cake for a Child

If you’re throwing a birthday party for a child, make a polka-dot cake. Polka-dot cakes are budget-friendly and can be easily ordered online.

The polka-dot cake will be a big hit at the party. Add the toppings of your choice and you’ve got a birthday cake in no time.

Kids love chota bheem cake and the cake is attractive to everyone. So, you can also order a birthday cake as per your child’s favourite character.

Eggless Wheat Cake

We all know maida or refined wheat flour is harmful for our health. Moreover, multiple people are now turning towards vegetarian foods. Hence, you can order Eggless Wheat Cake.

First of all these will be cost-friendly and also they will be easily available online. Ordering cake online will also save you from extra hidden costs of packaging etc.


Delicious and Budget-Friendly Cake Ideas for a birthday celebration are multiple. All you have to do is act smart and get creative with your mind.