The UPSC exam is one of the toughest exams conducted every year. This exam is divided into three parts i.e., Preliminary, Main, and Personal Interview. Every year there are lakhs of applicants for this exam, but only very few of them clear this exam and head to the next level.

The UPSC examination 2023 is around the corner, so all the aspirants might be putting in dedicated efforts to see great results. Some students opt for self-study practices and some like to attend coaching classes. During the preparation for the UPSC exam, there are chances that the students might commit some mistakes which might not be good.

In this blog, we will discuss some common mistakes done by UPSC aspirants. Let’s have a look at them.

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Some common mistakes are done in preparation for the UPSC exam

No matter whether the aspirant is self-studying for the UPSC exam or taking coaching classes. It is possible that they can commit some of the common mistakes regarding the UPSC exam. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Not going through the syllabus thoroughly: One of the common mistakes committed by a lot of aspirants is that they don’t go through the entire syllabus of the exam once. Rather, they keep on focusing on the important topics. The UPSC prelims exam is very unpredictable, anything can be asked in the exam. If the candidate doesn’t go through the syllabus well, then they might not answer questions in the exam. Don’t blindly just do mock test series. Even revise the entire syllabus for a better understanding of different things.
  • Not taking mock tests: Some aspirants only focus on going through the syllabus again and again. Mock tests play a very important role in the aspirant preparation period. The candidate needs to find out the best balance where they can study the entire syllabus and along with it appear for mock tests. This test series will help the person estimate things that need to be done in final exams. The mock tests provide a better understanding of time management during the exam.
  • Piling up multiple books: Getting knowledge from different sources is a great habit if you are preparing for the UPSC examination 2023. But the UPSC aspirant needs to understand a fact, it is not beneficial just to collect multiple books. Rather they should focus more on reading books that can add a lot of value to their knowledge. Consider getting the best books so that you can completely go through them and don’t waste any more time and effort in collecting multiple books.
  • Not managing time: UPSC exam has an extensive list of topics to cover. If the aspirant doesn’t manage their time well while preparing for this exam. They are not going to have fruitful results. Right from the start the aspirants need to make a proper schedule and divide different subjects accordingly. The preparation for UPSC depends upon how you manage time during preparation and even in the final exam. If you can get the thing in both situations, the aspirant can clear the exam with great marks.
  • Choosing irrelevant subjects: A lot of time it is seen that the aspirants end up selecting the most opted subjects by other aspirants or subjects of the previous year UPSC. In both ways, the strategy of choosing a subject for the final; the exam is wrong. Rather the aspirants must know their strengths and weaknesses in the subjects. Do choose the subjects in which you are confident that you can cover the whole syllabus and attempt that paper well.
  • Reading irrelevant news: For all the UPSC aspirants, they must know the fact that they need to keep their general knowledge up-to-date. For this, many experts recommend they read newspapers and different articles. Some aspirants keep on reading irrelevant news from different sources. All these things will not contribute to the best interest of the exam. Rather gather relevant information and go through it properly.
  • Not having guidance: Guidance is the basic aspect for all UPSC aspirants to get motivation in life. It is a fact that it might be very monotonous for the aspirants to keep on working towards the preparation for this exam. If they have proper guidance from some mentor, they will keep on pushing the candidates to stay motivated in life. The guide will help you to know your strong and weak points. All the information about these points is very helpful for the aspirant in the preparation of the exam.
  • Juggling multiple things: At the end of the day even aspirants of UPSC have a normal human brain, if the aspirants keep on juggling between different thing, it will only create confusion. Rather just keep things clear in your mind and make a proper study table. So that the scope of distraction decreases.

If all aspirants keep their heads clear, they will be able to focus more on the ultimate goal. The main 2023 exam is very difficult to crack, so keep on working for it positively


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Frequently asked questions

What is the full form of UPSC?

Answer. UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission. This is an exam conducted to select students for civil services.

What is the age limit to enroll for the UPSC exam?

Answer. For different categories, there are different age limits. Let’s have a look at them.

  • For General- 32 years
  • For OBS (Non-Creamy Layer)- 35 years
  • SC/ST- 37 years
  • PH General- 42 years
  • PH OBC- 45 Years
  • PH SC/ST- 47 Years.

What is the latest syllabus for the UPSC prelims exam?

Answer. All the UPSC aspirants need to be fully aware of the UPSC prelims exam. You can get ample information about this from online resources.