Few things will set your home off and give your primary living space a more unique look and feel than a marble antique fireplace. The array of possible styles and colors is stunning, and you have your choice when it comes to different historical eras from which to choose. 

But there are certain unique needs that marble antique fireplaces have when it comes to maintenance, and cleaning is one of them. There are definitely certain procedures you need to follow to protect your investment, and what follows is a rundown on some of the most important ones. 

Rings and Stains 

These are two of the most common and stubborn problems, but there are ways to effectively deal with them. Start by considering the finish of the marble. You may want to consider treating it with some kind of stone stealer if it’s raw, untreated marble, as this will give you some extra protection when it comes to your level of vulnerability. 

Now let’s talk about rings and stains. We’ll start with rings. They do tend to stick out, but you can start with a diluted mix of hydrogen peroxide, but make sure you use a damp cloth when you do this and go heavy with the water in your mixture. Acetone is yet another possibility, but the same basic restrictions apply. 

Stains should also be dealt with carefully. You can try the same solutions just recommended for rings, but whatever you do make sure you don’t use any kind of chemicals that are designed to dissolve the stain. Doing this will just spread it along the surface of the marble and penetrate deeper. 

If you do have success with the procedures described above, make sure you wipe down whatever’s left down with pure water, preferably distilled if you happen to have it handy. 

It’s quite common to use the mantel of your antique marble fireplace for decorative purposes, and many people do this by placing plants or flowers on it. It’s fine to do this, but if you do make sure you place these decorative elements on a waterproof mat or a protective coaster that’s big enough to catch all of the spill. The same precaution applies to candles, as spilled candle wax will be a nightmare to clean if it gets on the marble.

Finally, if your marble antique marble fireplace has genuine value as an historical piece, it may be worthwhile to call on an expert who has the right cleaning products along with the tools to deal with the delicate marble surface if you need to buff or sand to get it back to its original condition. 

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