Taking care of your teeth is extremely important as you might have to face a dental emergency during the weekend or even in the middle of the night. Some dental problems are emergencies while with some other problems, you can wait for a few days or weeks to visit your dentist.

However, many of us are not able to discriminate which kind of dental condition is important when you need to seek an emergency dentist near me in Cypress, Texas. Call the emergency number of Orion Dental Specialties for immediate attention and their staff will provide immediate help.

When you have an emergency and your dental condition is at risk in Cypress, emergency dentists at Orion Dental Specialties will take extreme care to ensure that you are treated without any delay. They provide professional urgent dental care in their dental office in Cypress, TX for cases like root infection, knocked out teeth, damaged or crooked teeth, and so on.

Common dental emergencies

Some common dental emergencies that need immediate treatment and one should be aware of are:

  • Broken or cracked tooth
  • Broken jaw
  • Severe toothache
  • Knocked-out tooth permanently
  • Object trapped between teeth

Some signs of dental emergency Cypress TX should not be ignored as they indicate you need to visit a dentist immediately.

Swelling in the face or jaw

A swelling in the face or the jaw area that feels warm when touched along with a bad tooth or gum ache could be a sign of many different conditions. This could include a broken jaw or a dental abscess. This is a serious situation that needs immediate attention failing which the infection can spread to the blood and other parts of the body.

You can try certain home remedies too for toothache or gum pain like:

  • Using an ice pack
  • Taking a pain killer
  • Using saltwater to rinse
  • Apply clove oil on the affected pain area

If the pain subsides with these home remedies, then it might be a tooth sensitivity or a cavity. However, if pain persists then it is a dental emergency that needs immediate care by a dentist.

Numbness in the tooth

If you have been having tooth discomfort and suddenly felt that your tooth has gone numb then it is necessary to seek help from a dentist immediately. Your tooth going numb is again a sign that you are facing a dental emergency.

There reasons for this sign could be:

  • You are having a nerve problem
  • The nerve or tooth is dying

Tooth out of place

If you are not old enough to have a loose tooth that goes out of place, this is certainly counted as an emergency. Getting emergency dental care is important if you find your teeth are:

  • wiggling around your mouth
  • has fallen out
  • has been knocked out

You might save your broken tooth and get it re-attached. If you have a loose tooth, don’t try to remove it. Leave it as it is and visit an emergency dentist Cypress TX immediately.

Essential questions to ask your emergency dentist

There are certain questions to ask when you contact an emergency dentist.

1)Unexpected finances:

  • Ask the cost of services
  • If the emergency dentist participates in your health care plan
  • Steps to take if you do not have an insurance
  • Their mode of payment
  • The maximum time duration of making the payment
  • Check for any payment plans the dental clinic offers in Cypress, TX

2)After-office hours:

  • How to reach them if there is a dental emergency during after-office hours
  • If they have arrangements with emergency clinics and refer you somewhere with an on-call specialist in Cypress, TX
  • If they provide some first aid tips on how to handle dental emergencies

3)Emergency treatments offered:

  • Ask for your dentist’s qualification and experience in the dental field in Cypress
  • What will be the treatment like after the assessment of your dental injury or condition?
  • If the treatment involves anesthesia or surgery
  • Get to know about the pain reduction treatments in cases of root canal treatment or tooth extractions
  • Ask the dentist how to take care of your dental problems post-treatment

How to avoid dental emergencies?

Following preventive actions so that you do not need to face any such kind of dental emergency is always the best way.

Many dental emergencies are due to accidentally biting on some kind of food or facial trauma that causes a tooth to chip or break.

  • Get your teeth regular checked and cleaned
  • Try not to ignore any kind of cavity or small hole in the tooth
  • They need to be filled up or else they can enlarge and cause a peripheral abscess
  • Avoid drinking acidic drinks with a straw for longer periods
  • Acidic drinks can erode the enamel causing tooth cavities
  • Avoid chewing ice cubes as they might cause your tooth to chip become sensitive
  • Be careful while eating fruits with pits and popcorns with hard kernels as they can cause your tooth to break.

A dental emergency is unavoidable and can happen at any time.  A delay in treatment can put your health in jeopardy. Therefore, seek the help of a dentist immediately without wasting any time.