One of the most popular types of tourism in Indonesia is marine tourism. The reason is, the number of marine resources is abundant so that it can be used as a tourist area. For example, Bunaken National Park is a marine park with the advantages of extraordinary natural charm. Located in the North Sulawesi region, Bunaken National Park is still very natural.

Bunaken is a national park that the Minister of Forestry has designated in 1991 as a tourist attraction, which has a location that is representative of Indonesia’s tropical aquatic ecosystem. Bunaken consists of ecosystems of mangrove forests, seagrass beds, coral reefs, and terrestrial or coastal ecosystems. Bunaken National Park has 13 genera or genera of living corals with fringing reefs and barrier reefs. In addition, there are about 91 types of fish that live in these waters, such as gusumi horse fish, ranging from yellowtail.

Those who come to enjoy Bunaken underwater tourism are also from local tourists and abroad or foreign tourists. This proves that tourism in Indonesia does have a world appeal. Many marine tourism activities can be done in this place, such as diving, snorkeling, sunbathing, and swimming. There is also a diving center called Dragonet, which was once the secretariat of the Sail Bunaken event. Located on Kalase beach, precisely on the outskirts of Manado, Sail Bunaken broke the MURI record with more than 2000 divers who participated in the flag ceremony on the seabed.

The Attractions of Bunaken Marine Park

Many are curious, why is Bunaken called heaven on earth? The answer is because divers can find about 20 diving spots. Twelve diving spots can be found on the island of Bunaken itself. Even the uniqueness of the dives here is the visibility that can reach 20 meters. That means the condition of the water is so clear. Even at certain times, the visibility of this area can indeed reach less than 35 meters.

In addition, there is also a giant coral wall that is curved and vertical, which serves to feed the small fish in the sea. The visitors can, of course see an extraordinary beauty.

Interesting Activities to Do in Bunaken National Park

If you are planning a vacation to Bunaken, invite your friends and extended family to play together because there are quite a lot of exciting activities that can be done in Bunaken. Are you getting interested? Just see a complete explanation below.

  1. Play While Learning

Bunaken National Park can be used as a study tour destination for teenagers or children who are still in school. Apart from enjoying the beauty of nature and playing in the water, students can also learn about the biota, ecosystem, and landscape in Bunaken. Even a mangrove tree planting program can be observed how it can be a good experience for school children. There are also coral transplants that are no less exciting to see.

  1. Diving and Snorkeling

It is certain that if you stop by on marine tourism, you will dive or snorkel to see the underwater beauty of Bunaken. The contents of biota species and their ecosystems are pleasing to the eye because they are full of colors. In addition, you can see coral reefs that grow so beautifully and become a characteristic in Bunaken National Park.

If you want to explore the beauty of the Bunaken sea, you need to be accompanied by a guide who is an expert in diving. That way, security can be guaranteed so that no unwanted things will happen. Apart from diving, snorkeling is also an exciting activity to do as well. You can dive in the waters that are not too deep or shallow to observe the beauty of marine life and coral reefs from there.

  1. Watch Dolphins and Whales

You should know! There is a natural habitat for dolphins and whales in the Bunaken Sea. To witness it, you can rent a boat to see the marine animals up close. If you are lucky, you can see dolphins performing at attractions such as jumping. It must have been great to see dolphins and whales up close.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Bunaken by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.