Human recruitment for businesses is an inevitable practice, any full-fledged company with an objective to cater to trust demands a capable workforce. The workforce is what brands a company competent to deliver consumer needs as anticipated. However, every reader here may agree with the fact that average small-to-medium firms don’t yet have a devoted HR section. As per SHRM’s report, 54% of small companies handle human recruitment themselves to save costs.

In addition, 70% of businesses with less than 50 employees also integrate HR duties into their existing employee’s workload; they don’t even have any relevant expertise. Saving business costs is predictable, but you must capitalize on your HR to entice the right people for operation enhancement. In such a case, all you need is Greenhouse ATS software.

An ATS software is a technical boon that automates your employee onboarding process by seamlessly hiring employees. It also shrinks the time-to-fill and eliminates the need for HR. Thus, if you desire to save your cost, you must act smart and integrate an applicant tracking system into your business. This editorial has just displayed a vivid picture of how an ATS in the hiring process empowers you to appeal skilled workforce. So, keep reading to explore your answer!

ATS saves your valuable time from monotonous administrative tasks

Have you ever worked with a CRM? As CRM is the most resourcefully developed tool to manage your customers, so is ATS. However, ATS instead manages your applicants here. It is a one-stop solution for businesses to automate several tasks in the recruitment process. It gathers and stores every data from the applicants; it may include resumes, cover letters, samples, portfolios, general documents, IDs, and a lot more.

In many modern-day ATS, along with document submission, applicants also have pre-qualifying questions to face. This empowers companies to gather more data about the skillfulness of any applicant. The score of these assessments aids you assess whether to promote an applicant for the next round.

Implementing ATS implies, companies have to sit back and relax. It hunts down applicants and organizes their files to keep them ready for you. All you require to do is log in to your dashboard and compare aspirants.

Drafts compelling career page

Many companies have a career page just for the sake of it. They don’t even appropriately utilize their career page. Despite that, most companies discover quality applicants from the career page only. The analysis also states that the career page as an eminence source delivers 23 times more applicants than job boards. In such circumstances, you must pay attention to your career pages.

An ideal ATS software offers you an opportunity to draft an enticing career page. Here is how it aids you:

  • It empowers you to brand yourself as an employer in a proficient manner, just as you do on job boards.
  • It also helps job searchers to get more resources about your company, working culture, ethics, values, and a lot more.

In contrast to a career page, job boards always send an abundance of shorter emails to grab applicants. It doesn’t also efficiently verify the skills of candidates for the role. Whereas in career pages, candidates can read about job requisites, qualifications, and skillset. If they match the role, they will apply for it. This offers you more filtered candidates. So, you must use ATS to modify your career page.

Empowers applicants to apply from any device 

As per reports, about 61% of the applicants apply from a mobile device. All thanks to the progression of technology, the job application is now easy to furnish from any place. This is what brings you to ATS. As a huge population of applicants uses mobile devices, you can grab them directly from the source. ATS helps you with functions and features that easily match the modern-day job seeker requirement. It presents them mobile compatible applications where candidates can apply for a job in less than 2 minutes.

Apart from that, applications from computers and other mainstream devices also take 80% more time than a former mode of application. This delivers a poor candidate experience to applicants. Thus, if you wish to retain more applicants, you must use ATS.

Efficient candidate communication 

In a mediocre recruitment process, applicants have to wait for a long time to get any reply from recruiters after applying for a job. Most companies take 12 weeks to reply via phone or email to any candidate. Sometimes even applicant data gets misplaced that leads companies to lose skilled potential.

However, Greenhouse ATS software eliminates the long-time gap in communication. ATS stores all candidate information to create communication via emails, text messages, or calls. Many ATS software also offers open communication channels where applicants can take the initiatives to track their status.


In conclusion, it is quite evident to conclude that ATS is a mandatory need for businesses. Now that you know its benefits, you must integrate advanced software into your business soon. ATS will not only enhance your recruitment process but will automate it.