Running is one of the most democratic sports in the world. Anyone who has a pair of sneakers at home can take a chance on the first steps of this activity that is gaining more followers every day. If you’re one of those interested in hitting the street and running, it’s worth checking out these simple tips before making that decision!

Seek Professional Support To Start Running

The first action that must be taken before starting to run is to seek help from an expert to make this transition from sedentary to activity safely. This is a recommended practice for those who want to take their running career seriously and for those who want to use running as an alternative to improve their health and quality of life. So, make an appointment with a trusted doctor (preferably specializing in sports or cardiology) to help you set goals and even your limits for your first few workouts. It’s also worth making an appointment with a nutritionist to regulate your diet for the best results.

Pay Attention To Your Nutrition And Hydration

Speaking of food, this is an essential aspect to be observed by those who want to start running maybe for the first time. Not only the diet must be in accordance with the running training, but also the volume of hydration must be thought of according to the profile of each individual. That’s precisely why the help of a nutritionist, in this initial stage of running training, is so important. By adjusting precisely what to eat, what to drink, and in what amounts, the physical activity practitioner can significantly improve their performance and results.

Choose Comfortable And Light Clothes

The clothes you use to practice your running workouts also have a lot of influence on your performance. When starting to run, therefore, it is essential that, in addition to a comfortable shoe suitable for your type of step, you choose light clothes and allow you to move and sweat normally. Remember that you need to feel comfortable and secure in every movement you make.