When you move into a new property, heavy lifting is one of the things that seem way too overwhelming. However, this should not be a problem if you have hired professional movers Toronto since it’s something they do consistently, which is why they are very proficient in performing such activities.

However, if you are planning to opt for DIY, there are certain safety measures you need to consider moving your furniture out. Since lifting those heavy pieces of furniture is not something you can do all alone, you will need to enlist the support of some friends and family members.

Not just that, but there are plenty of other things as well, which need to be considered when it comes to protecting furniture when moving a house. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Make Sure The Exit Paths Are Clear

As your move date approaches, take a good walk around the house and make sure that there are no obstacles of any kind. Make sure you clear away anything that is sitting in the pathways – it wouldn’t hurt someone while they were carrying one of your most cherished possessions.

Consider Using The Corner guards

If you are really serious about protecting the walls of the property, you can consider installing the corner guards. It will help you eliminate the most vulnerable areas of the wall and the corners. While they do provide great protection for the corners of your walls, installing plastic corner guards can be pretty expensive. You can purchase some from a home improvement store near you, but you may want to consider another alternative

Cover The Walls 

The best direct method, which can help you protect the wall when taking out the furniture of your house, is by covering it with drop cloths, cardboard, or a blanket. These protective materials will be able to bear the hits by furniture and will try to keep both walls and furniture safe. 

Hire Furniture Movers

One of the ways to ensure the safety of your walls along with your household goods is by hiring moving companies Toronto. Professional movers are trained and experienced to get the job done, hence you will be able to relocate your house or office without harming your property and furniture. Apart from experience and skills, they use various tools and equipment to safely maneuver the furniture out of your property.


So these were a few of the methods you can consider using while moving the furniture out of your house. Hope you found the information helpful. In case you are looking forward to moving your house with the help of residential moving companies in Toronto, feel free to get in touch with “Let’s Get Moving”.

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