Volunteer scheduling apps are becoming more prominent due to their increasing demand in profit and non-profit organizations. According to the recent surveys and reports, nonprofit organizations manage more than 3.25 billion volunteer hours annually. You can imagine the responsibility over them. If you are running a similar organization, this article will help you understand how introducing a volunteer scheduling app will help you accomplish your goals efficiently.

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10 reasons for launching a volunteer app to nonprofit organizations:

  1. Scheduling volunteer app prevents confusion and stress of scheduling shifts for volunteers. These are self-service apps where volunteers can check their shift directly and report their presence on the app itself.
  2. The app also helps access important information such as documents, shift information, volunteer information directly from the phone. It also helps generate reports and data from the same source.
  3. One advantage is that the app captures real time data. Thus, there are no chances of delays or errors in reporting. The management can also chat with volunteers in real time with support of texting feature.
  4. The organization can keep a track on the number of hours a volunteer has contributed so far. Thus, there is no confusion in understanding every person’s contribution for the project.
  5. Management and volunteers can chat with each other anytime and anywhere. They can ask questions, seek clarification, and look for updates through the volunteer app.
  6. Such apps enhance engaging experience with each other. It helps break the ice without meeting the management in real.
  7. Management can work on shift timings and last minute drop outs without wasting time by individually interacting with the volunteers. Regardless of whether you are hosting a web event or a personal one, you can manage the last minute changes with support of the app.
  8. Volunteers have the opportunity to self-sign-up for shifts. Thus, they have added comfort and flexibility which helps in boosting retention as they are likely to stick for long.
  9. The app helps in explaining every volunteer his/her role and responsibility in detail. The volunteers also have opportunity to understand and pick the role most suitable to their skills and qualifications.
  10. Technology like Vome Volunteer app is a document hub to access various details, data, and reports from single software itself.