Various credits provide fuel credit cards in collaboration with petrol stations; however, we’re not just seeking any credit card, we want the best. The best petroleum credit card in Singapore will have a broader coverage of numerous petrol stations, with the most effective petrol discount rates, as well as fuel savings.

If you are thinking about which credit card is best for petrol in Singapore, you should find decide your certain choices, as well as the situation; however, in a general sense, the Citi Money Back and OCBC 365 cards offer a complete range of petrol stations.

The Citi Cash credit card is the choice for a better all-around credit card discount for fuel, while OCBC 365 has minimal costs need that are less complicated to reach for cash backs.


  • Citi Cash Money Back Card: Finest All-Around Fuel Savings, Fuel Savings at Esso and Shell, also at Various Other Petrol Stations

Many credit cards just provide credit card discount rates at details petrol stations; however, that’s not the situation with Citi Cash Credit Scores Cards. Like a skeleton key for all sorts of deals at a petroleum fuel station, this card can give you a credit card price cut in any petrol station.

  • Shell: 20.88% fuel savings
  • Esso: 20.88% fuel savings
  • Various other petrol stations: 8% cashback


  • OCBC 365 Card: Finest Fuel Financial Savings at Caltex, Esso, Sinopec

The OCBC 365 Card offers price cuts in all the various terminals. You can get substantial fuel financial savings at Esso, as well as all fuel service stations locally, yet it likewise provides the most effective financial savings at Caltex, as well as Sinopec.

  • Sinopec: 26.8% fuel savings
  • Caltex: 22.1% fuel savings
  • Esso: 20.2% fuel savings
  • Various other petrol stations: 5% cashback

Naturally, as among the best credit cards for fuel, you additionally obtain numerous cashback chances. You obtain cash rebates on dining, as well as food shipment at 6% and 3% on grocery stores, online shopping for groceries, transportation like taxis, as well as order vehicles, utilities, and travel with chosen airline companions.

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  • UOB One Credit Card: Ideal Fuel Savings at SPC and Shell

Utilising a UOB One card at SPC as well as Shell stations will provide a good credit card discount. UOB is a close partner of SPC and Shell, thus having the best credit card discount for both terminals. Additionally, you also get cashback for various other stations.

    • SPC: 24% price cut
    • Shell: 21.15% price cut
    • Various other petrol stations: approximately 5% cashback

  • DBS Esso Credit Card: Best Esso Fuel Cost Savings

For an immediate price cut at Esso stations, this card could be the ideal choice. The DBS Esso card offers the greatest fuel discount at Esso and is the most uncomplicated option.

There is no fuel spending needed, as well as no cap on cashback. The only catch is that it’s restricted to Esso fuel acquisitions. And that’s not a negative point, it just indicates that you wouldn’t need to worry about striking minimal requirements and where else to utilise the card.

  • Standard Chartered Unlimited Card: No Cap Cashback, Maximum Savings at Caltex

Are you all for simplicity, as well as a discount rate at Caltex? Then this may be for you. It offers you an unrestricted cashback card that produces a flat cashback rate of 1.5% on every acquisition, with no minimum spend demand, as well as no cashback cap.

In your first 3 months after card authorisation, you get 5% cashback topped at $250 from up to $5,000 well worth of costs, which is a good option for people who will make a significant expenditure.

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