There’s no doubt about it that the heating and air industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States as of 2023, and HVAC companies all over the nation are going to be scrambling to keep up with increasing demand this year. 

As new tax credits and technologies take form throughout the course of this year, homeowners and HVAC technicians alike will need to make certain adjustments in order to remain on this ever-changing industry’s cutting edge. 

So here are some of the top 2023 trends for the HVAC industry that you should know about! 

Smart Thermostats 

Homeowners everywhere are making changes to their energy consumption due to rising inflation impacting utility bills, and this has led to a massive demand for smart thermostats. 

Smart thermostats are great because they become connected to Wi-Fi networks, which means you’ll be able to monitor and adjust settings via your smartphone. This does wonders in terms of energy consumption because you’ll be able to make necessary adjustments as you know your personal demand will be lower. 

Smart thermostats are also now more affordable than ever before, which is making them more of a viable option for homes everywhere! 

AC Units Will Increase In Price Due To Brand New Efficiency Standards 

Anyone interested in purchasing a new AC unit this year should know that they’re going to have to pay a little extra than in year’s past. This is largely due to the Department of Energy’s latest set of regulations that just went into effect this year. 

What’s new is that SEER rating standards have been increased on many HVAC appliances, which of course makes it more difficult for manufacturers to keep up. Supply chain issues are also still plaguing the HVAC industry, so it’s inevitable that AC units will be considerably more expensive in 2023 than in recent years. 

Heat Pumps Will Continue To Be In High Demand 

Heat pumps have risen in popularity throughout recent years, and this trend looks like it’ll continue throughout 2023. Heat pumps are unique because they run on electricity, which subsequently makes them more sustainable when solar and wind energy sources are used to run them. 

Heat pumps also do a great job at significantly cutting down a home’s overall energy output, and homeowners are also receiving incredible tax credits for these purchases and installation costs! 

Air Scrubbers Are Still Huge Because of COVID 

COVID truly changed how people view their properties from a health and wellness standpoint, and the pandemic was a huge factor in the HVAC industry’s overall growth since 2020. 

Today in 2023, high-quality HVAC air scrubbers are still in massive demand from both businesses and homeowners. These appliances are capable of eliminating viruses and other contaminants from indoor areas, and they’re typically very easy to use and maintain. 

So there’s absolutely no doubt about it that air scrubbers will continue to rise in popularity throughout this year. 

Digital Zoning 

Another emerging technology from the HVAC industry is known as digital zoning, and this essentially uses a bunch of dampers within an HVAC system to regulate air flow throughout a property. 

When the sensors combine with state-of-the-art ductwork, it makes it easy for a homeowner to automatically adjust the temperatures of different room throughout a property (which is huge for daily energy savings). 

Contact Your Local Heating And Air Pros When You’re In Need Of HVAC Services! 

2023 is going to be a massive year for the HVAC industry, and from a property owner’s standpoint, the above trends are huge when it comes to capitalizing on what other people are investing in. 

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