Warm water is imperative for adapting to the cold climate. Without it, surviving the chills brought by the winter season is almost unimaginable. Yet, thanks to water treatment services Punta Gorda FL that offer water heater installation for residential homes.

Water heating devices keep frostbites away by supplying gallons upon gallons of hot water. However, these home technologies are prone to stress and leaks that can affect their functioning.

Check for these signs as once observed, you might want to call the Punta Gorda water treatment plant to send plumbers for inspection and repair.

Water leaks

Never underestimate the danger brought by leaking water to your home, especially for pets, small kids, and appliances. Leakages lead to the corrosion of the outer parts of the tank then proceeds in eating the inside areas.

Leaks are often caused by cracking noise that stresses the water heater structure. To prevent this from happening, tap a qualified plumber right away.


If maintained and cleaned well regularly, water heaters can last for 12 years on average. However, if corrosion occurs, the life span decreases.

Discolored and brown water is an indication of corrosion. Residents may opt to replace the heat exchanger and other rusty parts to solve this issue, yet it is only a temporary solution. Thus, the situation still needs attention from plumbing system experts.

Loud noisescoming out the tank

Let professional plumbers check your new water heater unit if there are loud and weird noises off it. Banging and popping sounds indicate the accumulation of excess mineral deposits inside the tank rendering the heating elements useless. The problem might be caused by the broken dip tube.

Without proper intervention, the noise can weaken the water heating system in which leaks originate. When there are no leakages, the repairman can stop the noises by cleaning the insides thoroughly and flushing all the water.

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