If you’ve looked at countless vacation options and can’t seem to choose the most suitable one, consider renting a sailing yacht. Sailing yachts in Barcelona will appeal to romantic souls, adventure seekers, and those who appreciate comfortable relaxation and beautiful scenery. A sailboat ride can provide unforgettable emotions, and a photo session against the backdrop of fully opened sails and local landmarks can be truly unforgettable. Modern yacht models are equipped with everything necessary for an impeccable holiday. If bad weather catches you off guard, you can take shelter from the wind and rain in cozy saloons and cabins. The only thing to consider when choosing a sailing model is to carefully select the route. A yacht trip can last for a whole day or be a short sightseeing tour for a brief period. A yacht trip will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Main nuances of sailing vessel management

You can rent a yacht with or without a crew. A crew is needed if you have no experience or certificate in sailing or just want to leisurely sail the seas. If you know how to independently manage a sailboat, you can forego the assistance of a skipper. Sailing yachts are classified as cruising or recreational.

The vessel is controlled using the rudder, which provides the hull with maneuverability and helps change its position during the trip. The helm needs to be handled in a way that maintains the course throughout the trip. Sails are controlled from the moment they are hoisted. This element helps to provide the vessel with good speed. Flat sails are used in strong winds, while “bellied” sails are preferred in light winds. These models will function better. The sail’s operation is adjusted to the direction of the wind, which is diagnosed based on the use of flags or pennants.

Where can you rent a sailing yacht?

You can rent a sailing yacht from Barcelona Boat Rental at a reasonable cost. Sailing models are often rented for trips along the coast or nearby. This is an economical solution for leisure, as fuel consumption is low. It is used to moor near the shore. On a sailing vessel, you can ensure a quiet and peaceful journey. The noise of the motor will not distract from exploring the beautiful nature and sights. The charter company “Barcelona Boat Rental” offers a wide selection of sailboat models for any budget.