Underlay carpets are a useful part of your carpet. It comes up with a number of benefits but it also may have few disadvantages. Everything carries its cons along its pros. Underlay carpet also has the drawbacks along benefits. One should be fully aware of it while buying it. Here is the list of a few of its pros and Cons.


  • Noise Reduction

Underlay Carpet adds a positive help in reducing noise in the surrounding. Carpet underlay do insulate the noise and underlay gives it a positive boost. That’s why it is best to use it at places where there is lots of noise, like a child play room, or in the stairs or hall of the house.

  • Add softness

Carpets are not the only factor which provides your feet a soft feeling when you step on it. Underlay makes them softer and plumier than a carpet alone could be.

  • Warmer Rooms

Underlay carpets are great in providing you a much warmer room than before. Carpet no doubt keeps the room warm as they don’t let cool air channel through them. There are few types of carpet which have micro holes in them that are left in the process of making it. In freezing weather these holes can lead cool air through them – thus leave the floor cold. Carpet underlay eliminates any of this type of cooling possibilities. It sticks between the floor and carpet and doesn’t let any air pass through it. So you have a warmer and cozier room.

  • Increase the lifespan of carpet

Adding an overlay to your floor causes an increased life span to your carpet with minimum damages with its waterproof and unique features.


Underlay carpets no doubt are a very useful thing but it also has few drawbacks which should be avoided.

  • Be careful when you buy the type of underlay carpet not every type of underlay fits with every floor and carpet.
  • Always keep in mind about the thickness of underlay carpets. It happens that sometimes you buy an underlay and lay it down, but it is not thick enough to support the carpet. As a result it just becomes an added material to your house. It doesn’t make the carpet look fluffy or soft. It doesn’t increase its durability. On other hand, sometimes we buy the thickest underlay but it makes the floor harder; or we had laid it down on stairs, where its thickness will only create
  • An attribute that is attached to underlay is that they are recycle able but beware not every type is recyclable, and all the underlays are not budget friendly.
  • Underlay carpet is a good choice for colder places, because it adds warmth to the room. This warmth is a necessity for those places. But laying an extra layer to warm areas like in Asian countries, where summers are extreme and longer than winter, it may increase your air condition bills.