Home of the amazing Asiatic Lion, Sasan Gir is well-known for the Gir National Park with massive flora, fauna, and birdlife.  The Gir National Park, situated about sixty km. from Junagadh in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, is one of the oldest sanctuaries of India and is synonymous with the regal Asiatic Lion. The one and only spot in India to see this animal, this park is accountable for saving an endangered species that was at the threshold of extinction in the beginning of the twenty first century, by offering it a more secured habitat.

Indeed, most of this area is rugged hills, having high ridges and thickly forested valleys, wide grassland highlands, and isolated hilltops. There are also different areas of the park having open scrub and savannah-kind of grassland. This impressive variety of vegetation provides for a large array of animals.  You can Check out a good resort in Sasan gir for a comfortable and hassle-free experience in this region of the nation.

The Centre of National Park

Sasan Gir, having a forest rest house, is the prime centre of the National Park. There is a Gir Interpretation Zone, situated at Devalia, twelve km west of Sasan Gir. It has been formed up as an eco-tourism zone to lessen an overload of visitors to the Gir national Park and to simply offer an experience of the wildlife of Gir at a single spot and in a safe habitat.

It is true that this Sasan Gir National Park relishes the privilege of being one of the most visited spots in Gujarat. It is one of the main spots that fascinate a lot of visitors from across the country and that of outside of it. Being the only home to the well-known Asiatic Lions, Gir is even a natural habitat for many animals, reptiles, birds, and rare insects. Though the national park is the main tourist spot, there are other attractive places around Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary where visitors relish their time.

Kamleshwar Dam

Kamleshwar Dam is situated within the Sasan Gir National Park neighborhood. It is in fact located at the heart of the Gir National Park. Constructed over one of the seven rivers that drains the overall area of Sasan Gir Sanctuary, it is believed to be as the lifeline of Gir. It is popular for being the breeding site of marsh crocodile of Gir coupled with being the stopping point for various species of migrating birds. You must plan a trip to Sasan Gir and all its neighboring places to have an unforgettable time with your loved ones. A single visit to Kamleshwar Dam is all set to get you a deeper insight into the manifold cultures and traditions of this Sasan Gir. You would love it for definite.

Somnath Temple

This Somnath Temple is situated at nearly forty-five km from Sasan Gir. Somnath was once well-known as the richest temple in the pre-Mughal era. The charm and overall richness of the temple attracted a lot of foreign rulers and kings, who came to India and looted nearly all the gold, not once but manifold times. The grace of the temple doubles with the gorgeous sea that surrounds it. Millions of Hindus go to this place for pilgrimage as well as enjoy a peaceful time with their family. You need to know that cameras are not permitted inside the premises, but there is a locker facility offered near the entrance. It is one of the highly recommended spots for visitors, so next time when you get to go there I Gir, do visit this rich place.

Uperkot Fort

At about a distance of just eighty km from Sasan Gir, Uperkot Fort is the nostalgia of the Maurya Empire in the Junagadh district of Gujarat. It got constructed by Chandragupta Maurya in the year 319 BC. One of the eldest forts in India, it is one of the most go to and visited places in Gujarat. Folks who travel to Gir National Park mostly include this spot in their places to visit list. Admired by manifold people, Uperkot Fort is certainly taking you back to its magnificent ancient history. It has three huge gates, and the walls are at a height of twenty meters. The other fascinations of Uperkot Fort encompass the Tomb of Nuri Shah, two baolis or step wells, and even manifold Buddhist caves. Once you are there, you are going to have a stunning and adventurous type of experience.

Devalia Safari Park

Located at twelve km from Sasan Gir National Park, Devalia Safari Park is even known as Gir Interpretation Zone, yet one more place to sight lions. In case you failed to spot any lions in Gir, you are not going to be disappointed visiting this place as you may spot a few of them. You can even come across leopards in close vicinity; however, they have been rested away from lions by the management to evade any lion killing the leopard. In case you are lucky, you are going to see the leopards being fed by the people or staff at about 5 pm. Just the caged gypsy is available unlike that of the open ones in Gir.

Jamjir Waterfall

Jamjir waterfall is about a village known as Jamwala, that is nearly at just twenty-three km from Sasan Gir. It is a tiny waterfall but astonishingly beautiful. It stays active throughout the year and visitors relish bathing just a few steps upstream from the that of waterfall. The sound of water falling from a massive height on stones is somewhat music to the ears. It is going to be a pleasure for your ears and eyes. It appears stunning when the water flows, making its overall way through stones and tiny rocks. It is a wonderful place where you can easily take a lot of selfies with your friends and loved ones as a remembrance of your visit to this stunning and amazing place.


So, plan your trip to this place and ensure you Check out a good resort in Sasan gir in time to ensure a comfortable trip.