For lapsed or expired 4-wheeler car insurance policies, the process of renewing can be complex depending on the insurance provider. Many providers allow policyholders to create a self-inspection demo video of the insured car to simplify the process and save time. When you buy a car insurance policy, you get coverage for a fixed term for the payment of a fixed premium amount. You need to renew the policy on or before the expiry date to keep it in force. If the policy lapses, then most insurance companies make it mandatory for the insured car to be inspected before renewing it. To help reduce the time taken for renewal, some insurers allow self-inspection for car insurance. In this article, we will offer tips to help you create a self-inspection video for car insurance renewal.

Self-inspection for Car Insurance Renewal

When a comprehensive or bumper to bumper car insurance policy expires, insurance providers carry out an inspection of the insured vehicle to evaluate the car’s condition and identify existing damages. This helps them calculate the car insurance premium amount. With most providers offering car insurance renewal online, policyholders are also allowed to conduct self-inspection of their vehicles and upload the video. This helps save a lot of time that would be spent otherwise in physical car inspection.

Steps to Create a Self-inspection Video for Car Insurance Renewal

While the process can vary between insurers, here are some basic steps for creating a car insurance self-inspection video:

  • Install the application offered by the insurance provider
  • Log in using your registered mobile number
  • The app will have guidelines for shooting the video. Some providers also provide a demo video with clear instructions on how to shoot one. Make sure that you go through them and shoot the inspection video accordingly. Some common tips are:
    • Make sure that you record a 360-degree video from all angles
    • You might have to record the Registration Certificate (RC) of the car and the policy documents of the expired policy
    • Make sure that the chassis number of the vehicle is covered in the video. It is usually found under the front bonnet of the vehicle or next to the driver’s/passenger’s door. Remember, the chassis number should be engraved and not as a sticker on the vehicle.
    • Park your car in clear daylight to get clear video quality
    • Clean the windows and windshield of the car before shooting the inspection video

Once you have finished the recording, make sure that you review it and check if you have covered all the steps as specified by the insurer.

Why Should You Opt for the Self-inspection Feature?

Here are some benefits of opting for the self-inspection feature while renewing insurance for car:

  • Saves time: Compared to a physical inspection, self-inspection for renewing a car insurance policy can be completed in much lesser time
  • Faster renewal: Once you upload the self-inspection video, the insurer verifies it, and if it has been recorded as per instructions, then the renewal process is completed quickly.
  • No paperwork: When you click a self-inspection for a car insurance video, you can use your smartphone to click and upload it. Hence, there is no paperwork involved.


Traditionally, insurance companies would assign a surveyor or inspector to visit you and assess the condition of the car before renewing an expired/lapsed car insurance policy. However, many insurers have started offering the self-inspection feature where the car owner can record a video of the car, and experts can look at the video to assess the damage. This helps save a lot of time and effort for policy renewals. Make sure that you understand the video requirements before shooting it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is self video inspection of a car?

Self-video inspection is a feature offered by car insurance providers where the policyholder can record a 360-degree video of the car using his/her smartphone. They can upload the same at the time of renewing a lapsed or expired car insurance policy. This replaces the physical car inspection process.

Q2. How do you do a self-inspection?

Self-inspection of your car can be done by recording a 360-degree video of the vehicle as per the guidelines provided by the insurer.