The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic forced many employees in Toronto to work in the comfort of their homes. Many people have given the design of their houses a deep thought as they remained confined inside because of lockdowns. Many homeowners are now looking to get the help of a Toronto renovations company. Here are some design ideas that you can consider for your residence.

Spare rooms can be a perfect place for dedicated activities. Unoccupied areas can be used as an art or music studio, home gym, or even a personal library. With a free room, you can only purchase the right equipment or accessory that fits the activities that you want to do in that room. This is a low-cost renovation project that you can consider for your house.

Another great design that you can look at is the nature-inspired designs for the walls, floor, doors, and other primary furniture. Apart from making the main components nature-designed, one of the trends right now is to include artificial plants or flowers that will elevate the house’s beauty. There has been an increase in residents that want to incorporate the color green in the interior design of their home, which brings them a lot closer to nature.

These are just some home designs that you can consider for 2022. To learn more about other designs that can improve the look of your house and how home renovators can help, check this infographic from The Renovators of Canada.