So, firstly will be talking about what is a Backend is a Service? Well with an end most purpose that has SDKs and APIs BaaS or backend as a service is defined by a cloud-hosted solution package that is to be used by other applications. For your applications backend as a service is an intermediate layer which is very important as it is ready to be merged online because it provides APIs for your mobile apps and web. Get to know more about Effective Backend as a Service for your apps and web.

Imagine you’re a developer and your boss has given you an order to build your solution in a span of a short time and that too with limited resources. At that point in time, what can you ask more than an application that is a part of a box which is ready to use? By taking an example, the storage and authentication, are really simple to combine, as without worrying about each step that includes implementation, complexity, infrastructure and all the management for calling an APIs.

Here are the following advantages of using backend as a service for your application:

  • More focus on what delivers the most value to the software
  • Extensible of your app
  • No infrastructure nuisance
  • Reduce the operating costs of your software
  • Focus on the extremity of development

And now features of Backend as a Service:

Here is the following common feature of the backend as a service provider.

  • Data Management
  • File storage
  • APIs
  • Databases
  • Push Notifications
  • Login Authentication
  • Email notification
  • Social Media combination
  • Infrastructure

You can easily perform any monotonous tasks between your mobile app and web by using a BaaS provider, as you can store files and log in easily. The whole thing will deploy this work to Baas because of which there is no need for your doing worry about the implementation of authentication rules and infrastructure.

How do Backend as a Service companies make money?

By making available free plans and after sometimes start charging for their service Backend as a service companies make money. Data size, APIs, file storage or API calls are the limits that trigger the paid plans.