Holidays mark the most delightful time of the year, and you should make more out of it. Sending custom Holiday photo cards is one of the greatest and creative ways to enjoy the magic of the season. A photo card can help you update your friends and family with the latest photos and share the experience by sending smiles to your contact list. You can create more memories when you create your holiday card, and here are some helpful ideas for you.

Be a Festive Family

The best way to enjoy and create more memories is with family. Depending on your traditions, you probably have photos from the last holiday, and it can be a good idea to use them for this year’s holiday cards for your family. But you can still make the most from this year’s holiday by coming out in matching holiday outfits as a family. Remember to dress your pet in matching outfits as well for the magnificent Christmas photo.

Christmas Tree Decoration

No matter how you do your Christmas tree, ensure all family members, especially the children, are involved in decorating it. Take some candid shots while they hang decorations on the tree, and you can also pose as a family while you collaborate on making the tree. You will have a perfect photo for your holiday card, particularly for those far-away family members and friends. They will feel like they are part of the preparations and make memories with you.

Holiday Colors

Theme your holiday card with classic red and green colours, which are the combinations for Christmas. You can dress up in the holiday colours mentioned earlier, or you can add some pops of green and red as the background of your photo. This will evoke the holiday feeling and be more awesome when paired with some classic season sentiment like “Seasons Greetings.”


Snow means so much for the holidays, and it can be magnificent on your card. Ensure you have a photo of the white and wintry snowfall to make your photo magical. You can take a photo of your kids playing snowball fights or have a photo taken when you are kissing a loved one. You can also consider a photo of the family building a snowman or playing under falling flakes. The incorporated snow makes the photos the ideal one for your holiday cards.

Consider Santa Hats

Santa hats have a significant identity for the Christmas holiday and can be a good idea to add some more festivity. Have all family members put on the Santa hats and capture the moment. It will surely add a splash to your card alongside simple holiday greetings.

Holiday Lighting

Christmas lights can add some fun and festivity to your holiday card. Other than lighting the Christmas tree, they can make your photo card prop too. But this idea will work best with siblings, family pets, or a happy couple. When taking the photos, remember not to use the flash and minimize the shutter speed to capture the twinkling lights’ warm glow.

You can add some festivity to your holiday cards in unlimited ways, and you have a glimpse of how it can be. Use Mixbook today and get to choose from vast professionally designed templates and themes. Stand out from the crowd with unique holiday cards this season.